Turkish edition of A Gift for the Sultan

I am pleased to announce that this morning I signed the contract for the Turkish language edition of A Gift for the Sultan. It will be published by Nokta Yayıncılik Dağıtım ve Pazarlama, a major publisher in Istanbul, and translated by Orhan Tuncay. So finally the Turkish warriors who gallop through the pages of my novel will be speaking their own language!

Orhan Tuncay is a prolific translator and poet and I'm confident that he'll do justice to my 15th century tale of adventure and urban/anti-urban conflict. He and I met in January when I presented the book before the reading circle of METU alumni in Istanbul; he had read the book in pdf and asked my permission to present it to his publisher. My thanks to him and (again) to all those METU alumni and others who are helping me reach one of the natural audiences for this novel.

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